Cunningham Block



211 12th Avenue SW



Awning at Cunningham

The Cunnigham building was built in 1911, and is considered to have a façade very unique for Calgary buildings. The façade includes molded windowsills, carved stone with brackets, and intricate detailing in its brickwork and decorations.  The windows also previously had cloth awnings, but those have been removed in the past decade. The building itself features a notched upper floor on the right side which can be seen from the alley but not the front street.


The building has undergone many changes of owners and subsequent name changes. In 1920 it was known as the Edmonds Block; in 1925 the Morgan Block; 1945 it became the Cunningham Block; and in 1965 was named United Management (The Cunningham).

Cunningham notch side

Cunningham detail

Cunningham Block


The mural on the west wall of the building was part of a project known as "Murals under pressure", a program designed to channel young graffiti artists' creativity into opportunities which will allow them to practice their craft legally. It piece was done in 2006 as part of a partnership between Urban Youth Worx, City Bylaw, CPS, BRZ's, and independant business owners.






One of the buildings earliest business was John D. Dunlop Piano Polisher. Through the 1920’s and 1930’s the building housed the business of Dr. A.A. (Arthur) Hollis, Dentist; Morgan R.E. Real Estate (where the name Morgan Block came from), and Smart Shop Millinery. In the 1990’s and 2000’s the building has been used as apartments and has been the location of a number of nightclubs and bars. The building currently holds Soda, an electronica nightclub.



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