. the cenotaph




          Dedicated to the soldiers who died in both World Wars. As it was built prior to World War II, the front and back were amended with "and 1939 - 1945", and a longer sword blade,  to include those that died in the second world war. 
     The Calgary Cenotaph recalls the original ideas of the original one in London, but differs slightly. The wreaths are draped around the Cenotaph, instead of the circular wreaths which were hung on the front and back of the original. The main difference though is the addition of the crown and sword which may be in reference to the Alberta troops also known as "Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)". Who's marching song was "soldiers of the queen".



    Many of the cenotaphs built in commonwealth countries resemble "The Cenotaph" in Whitehall, London. Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, it was as a memorial specifically for those who died in World War I. The  words " THE GLORIOUS DEAD", which were chosen by Rudyard Kipling, are inscribed on each end. The Cenotaph in London was originally designed to be built out of wood and plaster, and be a temporary structure. It was to to be a saluting point for the parade in honor of those who had died in the war. It was built though as simple pile of Portland Stone, with wreaths hanging from the front and back, and flag adorning the sides.

     The main reason why the Cenotaph was so reduced and somber was that it was not a triumphal memorial. As many other statues and memorials of the time were to commemorate the victory of the war, The Cenotaph was a memorial for those who died.

     The top of the cenotaph is a chest tomb, which was typical of the tombs designed by Lutyens for people who had died in the 1920's. As cenotaph means "empty tomb", they are usually reserved for people who have died elsewhere, and are not part of any cemetary.


 The East side of the Cenotaph marker. 


     Since confederation, one of the functions of government of Canada has been to provide a national system of surveys. From the Dominion Lands Surveyors, who helped open the west, to the present, Canada has always relied on a consistent national survey system as an integral part of the national infrastructure. In 1909, the Geodetic Survey of Canada was created by an order-in-council and given a mandate to determine the positions (and elevations) of points throughout the country with the highest attainable accuracy.


     The primary role of the Geodetic Survey Division (GSD) today is to maintain, continuously imrpove, and facilitate efficient access to what is now known as the Canadian Spatial Reference System (CSRS). the result is a national coordinate system whoch serves as a  reference for all mapping, charting, navigation, boundary demarcation, crustal deformation, and other georeferencing needs.

Remembrance Day ceremonies are held at the Cenotaph in Central Memorial Park every year in Calgary. 

 . the shape of a cenotaph is based on three circles or arcs. The base is only partially above ground, and (symbolically) goes deep into the earth.  While the sides of the column create two arcs that meet up high in the sky.