Birkenshaw Residence




605 13 Avenue SW

This substantial house in the Beltline (Connaught) was built in 1908 for O.S. Chapin, a Chicago-born implement and carriage dealer. The two-storey, brick house sits on a high stone basement, and is topped by a hipped roof with broad eaves and illuminated by dormer windows. The outer bays on the facade project as bay windows, and a stone-post verandah with a wood pediment stands before the entrance. The house is a very good example of a larger townhouse of the period. The house was subsequently inhabited by a number of occupants, including John Mosley, proprietor of the Imperial Hotel,

and by William Birkenshaw. Birkenshaw may have been the original owner of the property, buying it as vacant land in or around 1907. In 1979, the house became a social centre for senior citizens living in the adjacent apartment building, The Birkenshaw at 605 - 13 Avenue SW. It was designated a Registered Historical Resource in 1981. The house is in excellent condition and is one component of an excellent historic grouping which includes the Lougheed Residence. (1982)
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