Aull Block




1201 1 Street SW

Dr. Erastrus Aull, who owned the adjacent business block to the west, built this single-story brick building in 1925 in place of an original wooden one. The new structure originally housed Kraft the furrier and a branch of Nippon Bazaar (a downtown business later renamed Silk-O-Lina. The Welcome Café, a Chinese restaurant and confectionery, occupied the corner storefront from about 1940-72; the storefront to the south housed Luey Dofoo’s Mid-West Delicatessen from about 1935-48.





When Calgary’s nightclub strip lay along 1st Street S.W. in the late 1970s and early 1980s, this was the home of Slack Alice’s (later renamed Slack Jack’s). It was known as a pickup joint and reportedly provided table-to-table telephone service. The “strip” shifted to 11th Avenue in the 1980s, but nightlife later returned to 1st Street, and the Drum and Monkey opened here in 1999. 


(Historic Walks of Calgary, Harry Sanders, 2005, Red Deer:Red Deer Press, pp.235-236)



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