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Owen Craig, Chair of Beltline Planning Group, shares BPG's current perspective on billboards in the community.  To have your say on billboards and third party advertising please complete our survey.

Beltline Planning Group opposes all vehicular scaled billboards of any type within our community district. The highway-oriented nature of these signs is not consistent with the residential character of the Beltline. The large dimensions of these signs are specifically designed for automobiles and not for pedestrian traffic.

The Blueprint for the Beltline, the Beltline ARP and the Centre City plan have placed an emphasis on pedestrian orientation even along major auto corridors and signs of this nature are inconsistent with the visions of these documents. In addition, locations close to residential or mixed use containing residential are similarly inappropriate.


                                                    A billboard in the Beltline


                                                               BPG Chair Owen Craig

BPG’s view is garnered from ten years experience of community support to eliminate vehicular scale third party advertising in our district.

Beltline Planning Group encourages the City of Calgary to ban all vehicular scale, third party commercial advertising signs (billboards) within the Beltline community district.

Large scale murals of artistic merit and/or mural style advertising of not-for-profit, City, civic or arts institutions should be considered on a case by case basis.

Owen Craig

Chair, Beltline Planning Group