Beltline Planning Group

Beltline Planning Group (BPG) is a volunteer based, standing committee of Beltline Communities. The mandate of Beltline Planning Group is to represent the interests of Beltline Communities in land use, planning, development. BPG initiatates and promotes community based planning policy for the districtand acts in the role of referee for City of Calgary land use and development circulations in the Beltline.

BPG meets every Tuesday evening. Email for more information on how to get involved!

How the BPG formed

Beltline Planning Group was formed in 2001 through the partnership of the Connaught and Victoria Community Associations. Its mission was to revitalize the area south of the CPR tracks by urbanizing the rules for development in the area.

BPG's early worked focused on amalgamating the former districts of Victoria Park, Connaught and South Downtown in a single urban community to be called Beltline. At the same time, BPG reinvented planning policy for what is now Calgary's most authentically urban district.

The Victoria Park and Connaught community associations themselves amalgamated in 2004 to become the Beltline Communities.


Who runs BPG

Beltline Planning Group is run by volunteer leadership with the support of a community planner, part-time and contract staff. The current volunteer leader is Owen Craig, Beltline Planning Group chair.

BPG chair and architect Owen Craig can be reached at or at 403 670 5499 ext 3


Relationship to Beltline Communities

Beltline Planning Group is a standing committee of the board of Beltline Communities. The board of directors approves the mandate and budget of the standing committees, including BPG. The board, however, does not decide what land use and development proposals the BPG will support,nor does it determine the planning policies BPG will advocate. Beltline Planning Group makes independent decisions regarding planning matters in the Beltline.

Planning + information specialist Ben Tatterton scans the cover sheet of a City development circulation for online access by BPG participants.


BPG members

Beltline Planning Group is resident based and attracts a wide range of volunteers including residents with backgrounds in planning, architecture and real estate to name a few. BPG takes great effort to attract a broad spectrum of residents to participate in the activities of the group and provides participating members with substantial resources and effective representation.

BPG members David Jacques, Jason Reid and Erin Broda review a development circulation with planning + information specialist Ben Tatterton.


In addition to opportunities for residents to participate in BPG activities, support is also offered to residents by means of providing information about how to participate as individuals at public hearings. Any Beltline resident who wishes to get involved with planning and development issues in the Beltline can join Beltline Planning Group.


BPG Staff

Beltline Planning Group takes a professional approach to dealing with planning polciy, land use and development in the community. Both paid and volunteer professionals in the planning, development and architectural fields are actively involved with BPG. BPG has employed planning students and graduates in the role of community planners or planning technicians since 2004.

 Beltlne community planner Peter Schryvers gets ready for aTV interview about planning policy in the Beltline.

A community planner is employed by Beltline Planning Group along with part time and contract technical support. This has provided Beltline Planning Group with the capacity to deal with the City of Calgary bureaucracy and the development industry. By providing professional perspectives, rather than just opinions on development issues, Beltline Planning Group is able to better represent the community’s interest in development issues.