. beltline pedestrian audit

Beltline Planning Policy Committee Undertakes a Pedestrian Audit of the Community

Although the Beltline has a very high density, a strong mix of office, retail, institutional and residential uses and a large amount of pedestrian activity, it has a very poor overall streetscape quality. While some sidewalks in the Beltline are of a very high quality, other sidewalks in the Beltline are in a terrible condition and pose a very serious threat to the safety of pedestrians.

In order to properly assess the existing condition of streetscapes in the Beltline, the Beltline Planning Policy Committee undertook a thorough analysis of all sidewalk sections in the Beltline. The group conducted this pedestrian audit of all sidewalks in the Beltline in order to establish which areas of the community were in greatest need of improvement.

The policy committee adopted a methodology from the City of Melbourne for the pedestrian audit. The Melbourne audit listed numerous aspects of walkability, which for the purposes of the Beltline audit were narrowed down (things such as land use were eliminated), grouped into themes (such as aesthetics and safety) and quantified on a scale from 0 to 4. Sixteen different criteria were chosen to be used in the evaluation of each section of sidewalk (each side of every street from one avenue to the other and vice versa) in the Beltline. These 16 criteria were rated out of a total of four points and then the criteria were weighted to give a total of 100.

The 16 criteria are:

  • continuity
  • paving
  • curbs cuts
  • width of the sidewalk
  • obstructions
  • furniture
  • waste bins
  • trees/shade
  • signage
  • traffic calming
  • bicycle lanes
  • barriers
  • lighting
  • visibility
  • landscaping
  • litter

The group conducted a sample audit of six different streetscapes together. This was done to ensure all members doing the audit were measuring each criteria similarly. Members then completed one of seven sections of the community individually. Results for each sidewalk section were then weighted and added to give a total rating out of 100 for each section. Averages for each section of the community and for all individual streets and avenues were calculated. Individual sidewalk ratings were then grouped into six different levels which were mapped out using a six colour rating based on the scores out of 100. The map below shows the results of the pedestrian audit:




















Beltline Community Planner Peter Schryvers leads the group through the streets.


Investigating the infamous 'dirt sidewalk' of 10 Avenue SW

Colour Legend:

black = horrible sidewalks

red = poor sidewalks

orange = inadequate sidewalks

yellow = decent sidewalks

light green = good sidewalks

dark green = great sidewalks

purple = construction