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About Victoria Park  BRZ

Victoria Park BRZ is a business association in the eastern portion of the Beltline community.  The area includes 1 st sw as the primary high street as well as other character areas.

Formed in 1997 as Victoria Crossing BRZ, Victoria Park BRZ's name was adopted in 2010..

BRZ members are business located in Beltline's East Victoria and Victoria Centre neighbourhoods.

Victoria Park BRZ is funded by a compulsory levy applied to business tax assessments.The City of Calgary collects the levy on behalf of the BRZ from all rate paying businesses located within its designated zone.


Victoria Park BRZ
Suite 310, The Kahanoff Centre
1202 Centre Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 5A5

T. 403.265.2888
F. 403.398.1510

Board of Directors

Its board of directors is the main decision-making body for Victoria Park BRZ. The board acts as a voice for businesses in the zone. Only rate-paying members of Victoria Park BRZ can sit on the Board. Beltline community residents are not represented by the Victoria Park BRZ. Beltline Communities represents residents in both Vicrtoria and Connaught neighbourhoods.

Vision and Mission:


Victoria Park BRZ intends to:

  • become a retail destination area for Calgarians and visitors to enjoy,
  • help maintain the unique heritage of the area while evolving an environment for businesses to thrive and prosper.


The Victoria Park BRZ's goals include:

  • advocating for business development that creates a high quality urban environment,
  • communicating, coordinating and collaborating with key stakeholders and interest groups to affect positive social, environmental and economic development within the zone,
  • improving, beautifying and maintaining business properties in the area,
  • helping to encourage development of underutilized and/or vacant areas
  • helping to maintain historical character and assets, and
  • promoting the Victoria Park Business Revitalizaion Zone as a business and shopping area.







Programs and Services


Victoria Park BRZ has helped make 1st street one of Calgary’s most vibrant and thriving urban business environments, complete with a great blend of amenities and services.

Marketing initiatives undertaken by the BRZ seek to capitalize on these assets.

Off the Wall Graffiti Abatement Team

Initiated in 2005, this annual program is funded by The City of Calgary and managed by the Calgary Downtown Association, with the primary goal to report, record, and remove graffiti on public property in hopes of preventing future graffiti crimes. The team is also available to assist businesses with graffiti removal on building frontages if necessary. In 2009 the Off the Wall Team removed a total of 1,741 graffiti “tags” and unwanted stickers.

Clean to the Core

Clean to the Core started in 2006 with funding from the Office of the Mayor. The five Centre City BRZs (Calgary Downtown Association, 4th Street, Kensington, Uptown 17 and Victoria Park BRZ) engaged the services of a professional street maintenance contractor to help enhance the existing services provided by The City of Calgary in the Centre City.Some of these additional services include:

  • Power washing of public spaces
  • Picking up litter and debris
  • Removal of weeds
  • Removal of overflowing garbage bags from public garbage receptacles
  • Reporting and repairing damaged street furniture




Nighttime Economy Research

Building a truly great city requires an investment in all aspects of buiness, from daytime retail to evening theatre and dining to late-night music and entertainment.  Representing the popular 1st sw entertainment strip, and with a growing number of new entertainment venue members, Victoria Park BRZ conducts research into the late night economy.

Along with Beltline Communities, Victoria Park BRZ believes that entertainment venues are an integral part of creating and maintaining a healthy and vibrant urban distict.  Proper planning, management, and enforcement are key to maintaining the vitality and economic benefit that entertainment venues bring to an area.

Calgary Police Service & Bylaw Service Liaison

Maintaining close relationships with Bylaw Services and police helps address problematic and illegal activity that compromises public safety and enjoyment.