. mustard seed open house

Held on February 28, 29 and March 1, 2008

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Mustard Seed wants to change what it does in the Beltline...

The Beltline has endured line-ups in the streets as people commute the homeless triangle seeking out emergency services and drop-in meals.

What’s Proposed

  • Programs that get people off the streets

    Proposed Building

  • A drug and alcohol free choice
  • A stable setting to build new lives
  • An affordable alternative to homelessness
  • Approximately 200 apartments in new 10th Avenue highrise
  • An active streetscape, retail and program spaces
  • Repurpose the building west of Centre Street for commercial use

A Good Neighbour Agreement

Mustard Seed and the Beltline are working together to better integrate the Seed’s services with our urban way of life.

We’re creating a Good Neighbour Agreement to implement these principles:

The Seed -  Client Photo

  • Administrative oversight involving the community
  • Mustard Seed’s active participation to improve our community
  • Defined operational protocol for programs
  • Consolidate long-term, progressive programs in a single location
  • A promise that emergency sheltering and meals will not return to the Beltline