. about our role

About our role


What is Beltline Communities?
Beltline Communities of Victoria and Connaught is a “next generation” community association for the Beltline. It became obvious to them that the disconnected neighborhoods south of the tracks had a common character.  Combining Connaught, Victoria, and south Downtown was essential to urban success. The former communities of Victoria and Connaught amalgamated in 2003 and City Council approved the new Beltline community district.

What are the objectives of Beltline Communities?
The objectives of the society are to advance the urban character, urban interests, reputation, quality, diversity, urban culture, well-being, social environment, economy, heritage, infrastructure, community, planning and development, urban forest, public realm, recreational opportunity, enjoyment and appreciation of the Beltline Community district and its residents through communications, programming, partnerships, public education, democratic representation, and initiative. 

What does Beltline Communities do?

We facilitate the operation of our standing committees of the board. Beltline Communities does communications, marketing and advocacy for the community.

There are four main committees: Beltline Heritage Group, Beltline Parks & Public Places, Beltline Planning Group, and Beltline Social Environment. Planning Group maintains a separate office with its own planner.

Standing Committees

You are invited to participate in any one of the standing committees. Click on the logos below for more information.

You can also participate by being involved with events. Keep up to date by visiting beltline.ca and email admin@beltline.ca to join our mailing list on upcoming community activities

Beltline    Heritage Group Beltline Social Environment Group Beltline Parks   and Public Places