. 3 things for Calgary

The 3 is back!!

Back by popular demand, 3 Things for Calgary is going to be back in action on September 24, 2012.  Stay tuned for details about how you can contribute to this great city!


Beltline's in the 3 things game


Beltline's totally entusiastic about the Mayor's 3 things for Calgary initiative.

First off, thanks to the Mayor's Engagement Committee for an amazingly well-conceived iplan. There's a way for everyone to be involved.

So, there will have to be 3 things for each of Beltline's standing committe purviews: planning, transportation, parks & public places, social environment, eco-city, heritage and events.  whew! That makes 21 things. And there will be at least a couple more from the Beltline executive.

In addition, Beltline will do our best to enagage the district's residents, businesses, worship communities, service agencies, condo associaions and not-for-profits in the 3 things effort.

That makes a lot of things for Beltline. We'd better all get on it. To get involved, email me at president@beltline.ca 

A link to Beltline's 3 things lists will appear on this page.

Check back. In the mean time, have a look at the stuf from the Friday, October 21 launch of 3 things for Calgary at the Central Public Library's Dutton Theatre.    Beltline president Rob Taylor with the 3    [photo by James Best]

"postcard" handout from the launch.





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Voulnteers are working feverishly on 3thingsforcalgary.ca 

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3 thing for Calgary

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the 3 things launch

       [ video by Gord McDowell ]